The Winning Photo – Wings Over Miami 1st Photo Exhibit

Congratulations to Zuleyda Rodriguez, who is the very first artist to win Wings over Miami’s very first photo exhibit! The photo was selected by popular vote of patrons during the Wings Over Miami Memorial Weekend event. Prior to the May 25, 2013 event local photographers were invited out to the museum on two different weekends to snap photos of museum planes. The photographers were also allowed to use photos taken previously of aircraft which had a connection to the museum. Zuleyda’s photo entitled “Glowing Edges” captured the imagination of event-goers. The unusual photo of a very special plane (1942 Ryan PT-22) drew the most votes. The photo will be featured in Wings Over Miami’s first calendar. Second place went to photographer Robert Richardson and third place went to Carlos Taracido, III. More information about the event will be posted soon. Learn more »


Welcome to Wings Over Miami!

Closed for Spring Holiday – April 20-22

Wings Over MiSpring Breakami Air Museum will be closed for it’s Spring Break, Sunday, April 20 through April 22, 2014. Each year our staff takes an extra day or two to enjoy time with their families.

The Museum will reopen on Wednesday, April 23, at 10:00 am.

Memorial Service for Frances R. Sargent – Saturday, February 8th, 1:00pm

This coming Saturday, February 8th at 1:00 pm, family, friends and pilots are invited to come together for a serviceFran Sargent celebrating and remembering our very special friend and teacher, Frances Rohrer Sargent. Fran was not only a WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots, World War II American female aviator), she was a teacher, a mentor to hundreds of aviation students through-out her career and a caring friend to many of us in the community.

Fran was active with Wings Over Miami from the museum’s inception and spent many happy times out at the museum being interviewed and telling amazing stories. She loved airplanes with every bit of her heart and didn’t hesitate a moment when it came to sharing her aviation knowledge and skills with anyone who asked. The museum was honored to have Fran as a Director Emeritus for many years.

We will be sharing our fond memories through a brief religious service and eulogy by those who admired and loved her. The public is invited to the service and to share the celebration of Fran’s remarkable life through her scrap books, awards, and the words of those who knew her.

Please park on the grass across the street from the museum or next to the museum making sure not to block the fire gate to the ramp. The museum parking lot is reserved for handicapped. There is additional parking directly across the street from the museum in Miami Dade College’s aviation school parking lot. You may enter through the gift shop or through the south side door of the museum hangar.

Also, please keep in mind that the service will be in the warm hangar and it is suggested that you dress comfortably.

The Planes Are Here! Welcome Wings Of Freedom Tour!

Whew, finally after many many hours of waiting, all three wonderful Collings planes made it to our ramp. The bombers had such an enthusiastic fan base in Naples that it held up their departure to Miami. Witchcraft on the ramp

Hopefully, Miami’s reaction to the bombers will be just as warm and busy!

With all the waiting, museum visitors made friends with each other. We had one lovely couple from Britain who tried out the county “transit” system. They rode buses, the MetroRail and then couldn’t get the the museum via bus — so they finished the trip with a taxi. By the end of the day, another wonderful museum visitor took the couple to the MetroRail station that linked to their bus, so they could go back to the Beach faster! How Cool!

There were children everywhere. Some of them were very surprised when their parents popped into school to pick them up early. What a treat!

The airport tower deserves a “shout-out”. They took the time to let us know when the planes were close in, so we could make sure every one could watch them land! It was much appreciated and allowed us to make sure everyone was tucked safely out of the way.

There was nothing like watching these birds land and taxi in. It was an experience for non-aviators to hear the engines and feel the air stirred up as they passed.

Tomorrow (Thursday) the planes will be flying if we can fill them up with enough passengers to pay the way. One gentleman is looking forward to his 5th flight!

Also, we are expecting several WWII veterans on site tomorrow around lunch time. One 91 year old veteran flew in from Naples on the P-51 today, amazing flight for him.

Cost for the museum and aircraft tours is $12.00 for adults and $6.00 for children. Flights in the bombers can be arranged through the Collings Foundation.