In Her Own Words: Helen Snapp’s Story

It doesn’t seem so long ago that WASP Helen Snapp took a trip to Miami Beach with two attentive escorts from Wings Over Miami. Actually, it was a sunny, windy day in November 2009. Helen standing with John Lennon BusThe Lennon Bus was carefully placed on the beach’s white sand nestled amongst the curious tourists and bright waves. Ms. Snapp was excited to be invited and wowed everyone during lunch with her charm. Once on her way from the hotel to the beach, the stiff breeze that was mussing her hair was concerning to  her — she wanted to be sure she would be polished on camera while we were  more concerned that the breeze didn’t sweep her off her feet.

Helen’s trip to the John Lennon Bus and  The Betsy Hotel was preserved in the bus’ on-board recording studio by some very talented technical engineers who knew exactly how to get the story from this very dynamic woman. The resulting footage was made available to the public through the Lennon Bus on their YouTube channel.  Here is Helen’s Story:

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