The 2017 Eclipse

nasaAugust 21, 2017 brings to the United States an opportunity to view a total eclipse. With all the publicity and stories written about the event, very little has been said about pilots in the air or those who are chasing the sun.

AOPA, a pilots organization, has published a piece which you can read about what some of their member pilots are doing by clicking here.

You can enjoy a view of the eclipse from the comfort of your chair by joining in on the live stream broadcast from NASA  — their broadcast spans over a period of hours… Go here for more information.  Time Magazine (online) also has special programming during the eclipse; you can follow it here.

No matter how you view the event, make sure your eyes are protected — regular sun glasses will not do — so, find the special glasses, create a solar view box or tune into one of many live streams happening.

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